Google is administering SEO with slow poison

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If you have been paying attention to the Google search results page you will realise it is becoming difficult to be on the first page. When you get to number one page the fight is not over yet, number one to number four spots on the results page will be occupied by ads. As Google is evolving pushing SEO into a corner, relying on SEO alone is now risky and brands have to move from a transactional relationship to more of a content-based relationship were brands provide value and customers come back for more content.

A month ago I was listening to the Harvard Business Review IdeaCast podcast and decided to go to their website and read one of the paper under discussion. Opened my browser and typed “hbr” in the Google search box. The result page surprised me, on number one spot was Oxford-Review advert followed by three other adverts I cant remember. HBR was buried under adverts and came on number 5 spot which is number one on the organic result.

Fast forward four weeks later I did the same search “hbr”. Harvard Business Review is now bidding their own name to remain on number one spot. Now imagine you type Nandos in the Google search box and KFC shows up on number one spot. This means Nandos too should consider paying google to bid their name if they want to maintain the number one spot on the search results page.

I find this funny because google says

we only sell ads not search results and no one can buy better placement in the search result.

As google keep on adding more advert real estate on the search results, it started with two ads and later became three now on high volume keywords you can expect to see four ads before you even see any organic results.

Google is burying organic results in adverts brands have to start investing in content that builds a relationship with customers. I am not saying SEO is dead but things are changing hence your strategy towards SEO has to change also, I was intentionally looking for HBR content but more results that came first was Oxford. Google is allocating more slots to Ads after all its how Google makes money. Its high time as a brand you start experimenting paid advertising or invest more on social media content not to sell your product to educate, entertain and inspire your consumers so they keep on coming back for more.

What’s your take on the future of SEO?




Everything about Supply Chain, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Social Media Trends, Content Marketing

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Goodlot Dupwa

Goodlot Dupwa

Everything about Supply Chain, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Social Media Trends, Content Marketing

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